Villa Athena

Contact: Jennifer Shepherd    Reservations:  +44(0)7856794685

Terms and Conditions

  1. Jenny Shepherd is the owner of Villa Athena and referred to herein as "the Owners". "the Property" means Villa Athena and the gardens, pavements, driveway, swimming pool and buildings, which attach to it. "Guest" and "Guests" is/are, or has/have been, or will be the tenant(s) and occupant(s) of the Property.
  2. These terms and conditions shall apply to all Guests and the person in whose name the booking is made is referred to herein as "the Lead Name". The Lead Name must be aged 21 years or older. Guests' contractual liability hereunder shall be joint and several.
  3. The Property must be used for residential purposes only and nothing shall be done there which might be contrary to the laws of Greece.
  4. The maximum capacity for occupation of the Property is for two adults, but in special circumstances the Owners may waive this rule, if requested. Gatherings of any kind, where the total number of persons present at the Property  at any time exceeds eight, are not permitted.
  5. Guests may occupy the Property only for the period which has been booked by them or one of them and paid for in full. The check-in time shall not be earlier than 3.00 pm. on the day of arrival and the checkout time not later than 10.30 am. on the day of departure (Greek time applies).
  6. The Owners will observe the privacy of Guests allowing them peaceful enjoyment of the Property, but reserve the right, upon giving reasonable notice (unless there is an emergency), to enter the Property for lawful purposes.
  7. Guests must take due care when at the Property to avoid injury to themselves and damage to the Property or any part of it, and damage to the contents of the Property.  Guests and/or the Lead Name will reimburse the Owners for the cost of replacement or repair arising as the result of such damage (normal wear and tear and minor breakages excepted).
  8. In the interests of safety, lighted candles are not permitted indoors (with the exception of night lights placed in or on a flameproof container) and no fire shall be lit in the fireplace at the Property.
  9. The Property is not safe or suitable for wheel chair users or the seriously handicapped and infirm. The Owners may refuse to accept a booking on those grounds.
  10. The keeping of pets is not permitted at the Property, except with the prior written approval of the Owners.
  11. Adult Guests will be responsible for the proper supervision at the Property of children under the age of 17 years and will ensure their safety at all times.
  12. The Owners are not responsible for the loss or theft of Guests' property or possessions at the Property. The use of the safety deposit box at the Property is free of charge, but subject to a returnable cash deposit of 20 Euros for the key.
  13. The Owners will use all reasonable endeavours for the proper maintenance of the Property and of the services supplied with it. But the Owners will not be responsible for failures in public services or any other failure where the cause is beyond the Owners’ control or where a remedy is not possible or practicable.
  14. Guests may not adjust or tamper with fixed plant, equipment or facilities at the Property and in particular the swimming pool and pool room equipment, the satellite receiving dish, the air conditioning units (apart from using the remote controller), the internet/wifi system and the automated plant watering systems. A charge will be made where damage or disruption is caused thereby. Please inform the Owners of any problems or failures.
  15. The Owners will not be liable if the Property or any part thereof shall become damaged, unusable or uninhabitable as the result of force majeure including, but not limited to, fire, flooding, lightning strike, earthquake, war, riot and civil commotion. In such circumstances the Owners may require Guests and other persons present to vacate the Property.
  16. A tenancy may not be assigned, and any unauthorized use or occupation of the Property, including sub-letting and the substitution of a Guest during the course of a tenancy with another occupier, is not permitted.
  17. A Guest's breach of any of these terms and condition may, at the Owners' discretion, lead to the eviction of all or any persons at the Property without refund.
    Conditions Relating To The Use Of The Swimming Pool
  • A responsible adult should at all times supervise children under the age of 17 years who are using the pool.
  • Diving is not permitted.
  • No objects other than swimming aids and inflatable toys should be taken into the pool.
  • No glassware or crockery should be taken into the pool or close to the edge of the pool.
  • Although the pool will be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, Guests should ensure the removal of any debris, which may have fallen into it.
  • Please read and take note of the pool safety notice, which is displayed near the pool. 
    Booking Terms
  • Bookings may be for any length of stay of 5 nights or more starting on any day of the week, but the Owners retain a discretion when the chosen dates leave an unsold space on the calendar of 4 or fewer nights, or when the requested stay exceeds 28 nights in length.
  • Rates are quoted per night and are in Pounds Sterling, but the Owners will accept payments in Euros at a fixed exchange rate.
  • A 25% non-returnable rental deposit, which constitutes a part payment of the full rent, is payable straightaway. The Owners’ receipt and acceptance of this deposit secures the booking.
  • The balance of rent is not due until 1 week before the start of the tenancy, or immediately when there is less than 1 week to run. Non-payment of the balance of rent by the due date might invalidate the booking.
  • Payments can be made by credit or debit card, or by inter-bank transfer (e.g. by using online banking) to the Owners’ UK  bank (for GB Pounds) or Greek bank (for Euros). Full bank details will be provided.
  • If  a booking is cancelled for whatever reason after payment of the final balance of rent, the Owners may in their sole discretion refund all or part of monies paid up to a maximum of 75% of the rent.
  • [Although not a booking term, the Owners recommend taking out travel or holiday insurance which covers the risks of cancellation and curtailment, as soon as a booking has been made.]